Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 84: Reading the paper

Day 84: Reading the paper, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This life size sculpture stands in front of a building nattily dressed in his shirt, sweater, tie and corduroy pants. At first glance he seems quite real. Reading the paper (with news from the 80s) he stands patiently. He never tires of the same news items. Once I passed him on Halloween and someone had added a mask to his attire.

I love to see art in public places. Last year I was in Budapest and was struck by the prevalence of sculpture where all could enjoy it. This man is one of my favourites in Montreal. I am always delighted to come across ones previously unknown to me. Below are some other views. Enjoy.

Detail of sculpture I

Detail of Sculpture II


  1. Fun set of photos! I wonder if people ever stand there and read over his shoulder...

  2. Fantastic! He'll never grow old! The sculpture is such a neat representation of the '8os - wonder if it is almost a 'relic' as newspapers fold on a regular basis!