Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 71: Country Walk

Day 71: Country Walk, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A few days in the country do wonders for me. I can feel everything relax and slow down. Walking on a crisp day, resplendent with sunshine, is glorious. Deep green evergreens stand out against the cerulean blue sky. Each branch of the leaf-shedders is silhouetted in detail against the pristine snow. In the quiet of the country it is easy to hear bird calls – chickadees, crows and others, unidentified, chattering away in the boughs of the pines. Here and there, the river breaks open from its ice cover. Rushing over rocks, travelling too fast to freeze it adds its voice.

What a delight to see the rolling hills of the Laurentians still snow-covered and to breathe the clear country air. Time is measured differently – not by minutes but by activities – a slow breakfast, meandering walk, leisurely lunch and on through a day of no shoulds and musts. And in the evening sitting by a crackling fire, mesmerized by the flames, time seems to stand still.


  1. Even without the photograph, your words evoke a unsurpassed visual image!