Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 65: Handicapped Cadillac?

Day 65: Handicapped Cadilac?, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A little grocery shopping brought me to this parking lot where this old Cadillac sat. Its long body, showing signs of its age, rested near the handicapped parking sign - a reference to the car or its owner?

I remember the cars of this vintage, from a time when gas was cheap and cars grew longer each year - no oil crisis or environmental awareness then - just the feeling that car was king. These beasts, possessing no catalytic convertors or any attempts to lower their appetite for fuel, cruised our roads and highways. Going for a drive was an activity to do on a weekend.

Looking around the lot there are still large vehicles - SUVs and vans that continue to spew the remnants of burning fossil fuels - but there are signs of a change. There are smaller cars, too and hybrids. And maybe there's a shift in attitude, with the car becoming more of a means of getting somewhere and less an activity in and of itself as the monetary and environmental costs of fuel soar.

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  1. Your words brought back memories of the requisite 'Sunday drive' when I was a child...I'm not sure that we had a destination, but we 'journeyed' as a family every week! We did 'waste' gas, but the bonding was irreplaceable!

    Change takes time, but I think the gas prices could be the impetus for the less greedy vehicle!