Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 150: Dandelion / Pissenlit

Day 150: Dandelion, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I spent some time this morning pulling some dandelions up by the roots. And planted a couple of those geraniums.

We had to go to Toronto unexpectedly. The route is straight and boring. So came the dillemna of many days - what to photograph? When we stopped for supper the salt and pepper shakers posed for me - but there was no story there. The dandelion - so delicate - both ephemeral and tenacious. I guess it made me think of people - fragile but unyielding - hanging on to life. The dandelion's roots go deep and its seeds, so light, float off on the breeze, spreading far and wide seeking spots to take root. We never know the effect we have on others as our seeds - our ideas, our interactions, our actions reach out to others. Where will they take root so that we live on through new growth?


  1. The connections are even more tangled and far reaching as the applications of the internet evolve - it is both awesome and a bit frightening!

  2. So glad you decided on the Dandelion - this is one of my most favorite of all your stories!

  3. Unlike the winds that are blowing the dandelion fluff serendipitously on its way, the "winds" that are blowing your wonderful reflections my way are controllable. How cool is that! There has never been a more exciting time to be a learner. In this new PLN I'm building around photography, your wonderful posts are being pulled in, by "winds" that I control. Through your sharing you have reached out and taken root in my rapidly growing network. Thanks!