Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 126: The Dog Walker

IMG_3455, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Martin is our local dog walker. As an owner of cats, I have not used his services, but have often chatted with him. He has an incredible rapport with the animals. Like a dog whisperer, he makes even the most unruly dog walk happily along with the rest of the pack. You see him passing with up to about 8 dogs at various times of the day. His double role is that of neighbourhood watch. He knows the patterns of our community and keeps an eye out for changes. His presence adds a level of safety (not that it is particularly unsafe).

Martin has keys to many homes as he picks up and delivers dogs on his route. The dogs know he is a dog's best friend.


  1. The unleashed dog looks like he wants to join the group. Love this shot! Looks like a beautiful neighborhood!

  2. I think the dog being left behind is very sad it can't be a part of Martin's pack!

  3. Great shot. Wonderful to have a person like Martin in your neighbourhood.