Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 137: Looking Downtown

Day 137: Looking Downtown, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Montreal has a vital downtown - safe, walkable and lively. This photograph was taken looking towards downtown from the south. The building on the right is Place Ville Marie, one of Montreal's first skyscrapers, built in 1962. It was also the first to house an underground shopping mall. Now Montreal has an underground life - miles of tunnels connect buildings and underground shopping centres - a boon to winter shoppers, movie goers, office workers... As they are also connected to the metro (our subway system) people can accomplish a lot without going outside.

We do not have huge skyscrapers as there is now a law regulating the height so that they do not overshadow our mountain. You can see one view of the city here - taken from the mountain looking slightly east of these buildings.

Montreal I


  1. This is a pretty city. I remember being there for the '76 Olympics. Great fun!