Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 121: Chinese Lanterns

Day 121: Chinese Lanterns, originally uploaded by susanvg.

These lanterns hang in a Chinese restaurant in Casselman. This town, mainly French-speaking and Catholic, lies in a farming area. Yet even in towns like this there is often a Chinese restaurant. I admire immigrants, who leave their homes and start over in the midst of a foreign country, with a foreign culture. There are almost no people of visible minorities in this area, yet the owners of this restaurant had the courage to set up their establishment here. That is one of the hallmarks of Canada. Unless one is of First Nations' extraction, we all come from immigrants, some came 400 years ago, some arrived today. Our major cities are becoming a colourful mix of cultures and smaller towns are learning to embrace the differences new immigrants bring. There is sometimes friction; change always requires adaptation. In the long run, we are all richer as we learn about and explore each others' culture.

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  1. What an enlightened viewpoint! I had a similar argument with a friend the other week. I love the symmetry of the picture too. Nice shot. How good is the food there?