Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 145: Dream Catcher

Day 145: Dream Catcher, originally uploaded by susanvg.

As I got into bed last night, I realized that I had not yet taken a photograph. I was not about to get dressed to go out on a photoshoot. So this is my compromise - the dreamcatcher hanging in my bedroom.

I originally bought this dreamcatcher to hang in my classroom when I was the computer / technology teacher at a private school. A central part of my program, at the time, was Microworlds and my room, as a result, had a variety of turtles on display. This dreamcatcher has a ceramic turtle hanging in the centre. However, one evening the school alarm went off and it was thought it may have been triggered by the feathers moving. So, I packed it up and brought it home.

It has been hanging in my window ever since - supposedly keeping the nightmares away. I love to watch the feathers waft in the breeze - and it has been no cause for alarm in my home!


  1. I have a large dreamcatcher, too - also a dust catcher, I guess. I love it though, so it is still just outside my bedroom year after year.

  2. You are so funny - thinking about your 365 when your mind is ready for 'sweet dreams'. :) Last year when I did this 365, I actually forgot to take photos two days (one in late July and the other in November)! It would have been interesting to see what I came up with if I'd remembered before falling asleep! And, as you can tell, even when it is pretty habitual to take a photo a day, it is easy to forget!