Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Through the Window

Photos: October 16, 2016

The cabin we rented is part of a complex with cabins and a main lodge. There are some feral cats there and knowing that I brought cat food with me. I fed them for each of the three days we were there and then this blue jay arrived. I guess it likes cat food too. This photograph was taken through a window.

It is always delightful to catch glimpses of wildlife. There were a couple of loons on the lake - too far away for a good photograph. And walking we heard a variety of birds from chickadees to woodpeckers. On the Sunday there was a bit of rain. The air was filled with the scent of spruce and cedar.


I'm always fascinated by areas that seem to have micro-climates where things grow that are not found anywhere near by, such as these lichen.

But then it was back to the city.

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