Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Walking and Photographing

At the Dog Run

Photos: October 11, 2016

Daily photographs can be quite a challenge. When on vacation it is easy to find things to photograph; everything is new and exciting. When at home, it is harder, particularly when also looking for something that inspires writing.

I love to walk, especially when I have a destination. Walking with a camera in hand brings another level to walking. There are certain routes I walk frequently and it is not always easy to find subjects for my photographs. The camera focuses me to look, to be aware of all the possibilities and to notice. To notice the way the light hit the dogs, making them glow.

Fallen Leaf

To notice a fallen leaf and totally be in the moment with it as I photograph. A walk becomes a sort of meditation; a search for beauty and for details.


Flowers become a reason to stop a moment and admire. And while my destination is the reason for the walk, the way there no longer feels like the same old route.


Architectural details catch my eye - the beautiful wood door, the decoration surrounding the windows and the filigreed wrought iron balcony.

Each time I walk this route I find something new to catch my eye, things I would never see in a vehicle. And with the chaos of all the road repairs, I know when I walk I will get to my destination both relaxed and invigorated.


  1. This is so true, Susan. It's a different experience to walk with a camera in hand as you observe more. Love the light on the dogs <3

  2. I like a solitary walk with a camera in hand, too, and I so agree that “a walk becomes a sort of meditation.” Autumn walks tend to make me feel retrospective. The building looks organized and beautiful with such various different details.


  3. Walking is indeed meditation when we slow and let our senses guide us. I often walk the same trails, but there are always new things to encounter and amaze.