Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Days It's All a Blur

It's All a Blur

Photo: October 19, 2016

Some days feel like this when the day is over-scheduled. I spent too much time in a car. First was an appointment downtown. I don't normally drive there but my scheduling mitigated against public transportation or walking. After dropping my daughter off at home, I headed out to the suburbs to play music with friends. The way home was my nemesis as we edged forward at a snail's pace. I would love to know why sitting is so tiring. I arrived home more tired than after one of my long walks. My driving was not yet over - a visit to a friend in the evening. This photograph was taken as I was stopped at a red light. It was good to be home at the end of it all; it was a full day!

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  1. Too much rush induces fatigue. I hate to drive - would much rather walk. Too much sitting IS tiring!