Monday, October 17, 2016

The Colours Continue

Early Morning Reflections

Photos: October 15, 2016

Perfect reflections make for a beautiful start to a day. The sun-drenched hills glow; the sky promises another perfect fall day.

Sun Drenched Hills

Wisps of mist dance on the water.

More Autumn Colours

On our morning walk we watch the leaves pirouette down to the ground.

We spent the afternoon playing music with friends, sight-reading through Hasse, Schickhardt, Loeillet, Quantz... The delights of shared passion. Though I did sometimes gaze wistfully out the window at the autumn trees.

Sculpture on a Bicycle

A late afternoon walk along the trail of the Parc Linéaire le Petit Train du Nord at Val David. Some odd sculptures were on display.

Autumn Sculpture

I prefer the natural sculptures - the forms the plants take as they dry up.

Reflections at Dusk

And more reflections - the lacy branches meet the plants at the edge of the water.

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