Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Spectacular Fall Day

Early Morning Mist

Photos: October 14, 2016

We woke to a spectacular fall day. The sun slowly burned off the mist which hung over the lake and in among the mountains.

Mist on an Autumn Morning

It bathed the hills in colour. Photographs do not do justice to the colour. It is like being in a work of art, in a place of magic.

Nature Like a Pointilist Paiting

It is as if each night Mother Nature goes out on a painting spree, dabbing colour here and there until mountains are all ablaze.

Into the Carpeted Forest

We walked in the forest; its floor is carpeted with leaves that have already fallen.

Following the Blue and White Markers

We hiked up into the mountain, following the blow and white stripes on the trees. They mark the trail of the Sentier Intervillages. With the leaves covering the trail, it was essential that we watch out for the markers. The occasional leaf would flutter down, drifting on the air currents. We were away from cars and other signs of civilization.


Growth and decay - the cycle of the seasons.

Autumn Yellows

The small-leafed trees shimmered in the breeze. Autumn is a time of change, a time of transition, a time of riotous colour to be followed by sombre November.


Quiet descends on the lake in the evening. Time for the harvest moon to come up to light the night.

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