Monday, October 31, 2016

Always a Detour

Road Repairs

Photos: October 30, 2016

I had a friend visiting from Toronto. When I visited her in early September, she and another friend tried to convince me that there was so much road work being done there. After her visit here, my friend conceded defeat. Montreal's multitudinous cones and constant detours convinced her that we are the hands down winner of the road repair competition.

Even the Cones Look Fed Up

Even the cones look tired! It is not just motorists that are redirected, but pedestrians, too. I walk a lot and each time I plan a route I find myself finding new ways as sidewalks are closed.

Always Detours

Some year it will be a pleasure to walk along these brand new sidewalks. I just hope some of these cones disappear before the snow settles in. Then it will be traffic and walking chaos multiplied.

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