Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walking Along the Shore

Puffed Up

Photos: April 26, 2016

While the temperatures have been a bit below normal, the sun has graced us with its presence. A friend of mine and I walked along the water's edge from Lasalle through Lachine. We were accompanied by the song of birds.


Everywhere you could see signs of spring taking hold. There is a delicacy in the emerging leaves; they wear the lighter shades of their colour palette, slowly darkening as they grow full.

A Little Rhythm

There is a vibrancy and rhythm to spring - the very name implies action.

Lying in the Sun

While I felt energized, not all creatures did. This fellow seemed quite content to just lie there and watch us.

Action in the Tree Tops

There was lots of action up high in a tree. This squirrel hopped from branch to branch feasting on the new growth.

Looking Out

Another day I'll sit and gaze out at the water. But for now I love the feeling of walking in spring.

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  1. Everything looks comfortable basking in the sun. The dog made me smile. Shall we sit and relax gazing at the sea with some snacks and drink on the table?