Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Butterflies Go Free

Tailed Jay Butterfly

A delightful afternoon spent at the Botanical Garden's exhibit of Butterflies Go Free.
It is simply magical to enter this space and be surrounded by butterflies flitting around.

Blue Morpho

These butterflies are hard to capture as most of the time they are resting, their wings are closed. Their blue colour is spectacular.

Butterfly on the Flowers

Some pose, staying in one spot for a long time. Others seem to be always on the move.


Some perch daintily as they feed. Others flap their wings madly to stay in place.

Golden Birdwing/Small Troides

But each is a thing of beauty. I try to imagine why they have evolved the way they have with their intricate colours and patterns. It was not just to be admired.

I am sure I did not spot all the varieties that were in the greenhouse. Here is the pamphlet that describes them all. 


  1. I don't know which camera you used, but these shots are spectacular. You need to make some note cards!

  2. Such beautiful photos and great shots, Susan!