Saturday, April 2, 2016

Car Sharing

Car to Go

The two cars in front are part of a fleet that are available to subscribers of the service. Montreal has several car sharing services. While I don't use them, I know many who do. I do own a car, but use public transportation a fair amount. I love the concept of a sharing society - but know, that in some cases, the developers of the sharing ideas (e.g. Uber, AirB&B) are earning loads of money providing the means to share.


  1. I see these small cars parked around Denver, too. They look like toys to me!

  2. The car sharing service has been introduced in only some country sides where there are not enough public transportation. People who gave up driver licenses are very happy to use the system. The system will be needed more as aging society comes.

  3. Hi,again
    The car sharing service I wrote about might be different from yours.
    In some countrysides, people who gave up driver licencee share a service car, and cabdriver carry them. Yours has also been introduced in some busy cities. It is welcomed as Eco-friendly idea, but I do not know how many people use the service. Have a good day.