Monday, April 25, 2016


On a Building

The building this graces is no longer a film studio but this vestige remains. Symbols of other cultures are no longer considered appropriate - in fact it is considered cultural appropriation. Native peoples, hopefully, will finally be treated with the respect they deserve. They have much to teach us. Why this face should be used as a symbol of a film company is baffling to me. Thomas King, whom I featured about ten days ago wrote a story called The Baby in the Airmail Box. It is a great example of looking at things from another point of view, told with much humour. Would native peoples use the head of a person of another background as a symbol of a native company? And what would our reaction be if they did? While I think we sometimes go too far with political correctness, I do think if we stop and substitute ourselves for the butt of the joke or the symbol being used and think about how we would feel, we might start to understand when humour goes to far and when cultural appropriation is not acceptable.

A few sports teams should be taking note.

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