Saturday, April 9, 2016


Lopsided Architecture

When I walk, I gawk - at flowers, at public art, at architecture. Today it was the latter. This neighbourhood has houses of every vintage. The original homes had large lots and, in this case, a second house was built onto the first (its entrance is at the side). It just doesn't work for me - the architecture is obviously of different eras; the bricks don't really match. In some cases, parts of lots were sold off and homes of a totally different vintage and style were squeezed into the smaller space between the original homes.

Two Homes

But it is not just homes from different eras that feel mismatched. This, too is not one but two homes. The one on the right also has its entrance on the side, not totally unusual for this street. From the front it looks so insignificant compared to the home on the left with the massive front porch and overhang. It feels off balanced to me.

I think of the architecture of the Renaissance where emphasis was on symmetry and balance. While I don't necessarily want to go back to other aspects of the Renaissance style - I would like to see a little more balance. Am I being too critical?

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