Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

A Wall of Graffiti

This graffiti seemed a fitting way to illustrate stream of consciousness - ideas popping into the artist's head. I've just come from a study group at MCLL on "From Modernism to Absurdism: Joyce and Beckett." It takes me out of my comfort zone. I am usually a low-risk person - forgoing skydiving, bungie-jumping for much tamer pursuits. But when it comes to education - I take more risks. When I was teaching I got involved in online projects long before the current trend (my first online exchange was pre WWW in 1986 when I organized and helped facilitate an exchange between a class in Montreal and one in Puvirnituq. I got students involved in robotics back in the 1990s. These kinds of risks I can handle

I love to read and I love to go to see plays. I've enjoyed some Joyce in the past (though not his tomes),  but Beckett!  - I just didn't understand him. So this study group is definitely a risk for me - a place where I feel confused, that I have a lack of expertise, that I don't know how to read despite my love of reading. I've jumped in - in a very supportive setting, where laughter and wit accompany discussion and dissection of the texts. Who knows, I may come to love Beckett. I'm waiting to see.

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  1. I like this graffiti. Very unique and powerful.