Thursday, April 28, 2016

Through the Metro

Art in the Metro Station

I often use public transportation. Going to dense parts of the city, it just makes sense not to bring a car and deal with parking. This time I was in the metro because of my car. Although temperatures at night lately have dipped below freezing, winter is not likely to reappear so I left my car at the garage to have my tires changed from the winter ones to the summer set. I took the metro downtown for the study group I am taking at MCLL and then returned by metro to get my car.


Our stations are aging. The first metro stations opened in 1966. I remember the day before the official opening, people were welcomed to ride free. I went with friends, getting on and off to gawk at the stations, each with slightly different designs and colours. The stations are not so shiny now and escalators are often in need of repairs. On my way downtown I had to walk down to the platform - some 100+  stairs. Fortunately for those arriving, the up escalators were working. I'm glad my knees are still in good shape - the trip down would not have been fun for those with mobility issues and those with strollers or young children.

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  1. I like to use public transportation, especially trains. Going down more than 100 stairs is really hard thing to do for the minorities. Isn’t there an elevator except for up-escalator? I hope the old station be renovated sooner. In the urban areas of my country, there was the time when some part was always under construction to make barrier-free at stations. Now barrier-free is a must at any stations so that elderly, the handicapped, or mothers with little children can use stations and travel in comfort. Anyway, keep in fit.