Monday, April 18, 2016

Sometimes It's About the Story

Granola Bars

I like to keep a protein bar in my purse for those times I am desperate for a snack. I used to like one which was only 130 calories and had 10 gm of protein. I have not been able to find it recently. I was in an unnamed store in an unnamed location looking in vain for my favourite bars. A white-haired woman was there supposedly offering free samples of a particular bar. Instead she stood there, her tray empty and she was calling out "320 calories".  A rather portly older man approached her. She explained that he could have a bar but he probably only needed 1300 calories a day and this bar represented 320 calories. She was not recommending it. He took it. She went back to her refrain, "320 calories!"

I went over to her and told her she was not exactly encouraging people to buy the product. "No," she said. "These are for athletes, not regular people." She went on to let me know she knew about nutrition. I left empty-handed. I didn't want her bar, but I am now on the hunt for a healthy protein bar that is not loaded with carbs and calories. Ideas anyone?

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  1. Well, I sure want you to report how that Simply Bar tastes! That's a lot of protein for a reasonable amount of calories. I haven't found a bar I'm "sold" on. Sometimes, I think they taste like cardboard. The ones I've thought were tasty had too much fat and too many carbs. Also, I watch sodium. I often carry nuts/raisins/cramberries and fruit while hiking or make myself a peanut butter sandwich on seeded bread. Now, I'm going to have to see if I can find that Simply Bar!