Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back in the Past

Former Religious Building

The building in this photo (it looks like three buildings, but is actually one) was built in 1847.  Interestingly that is the same year as the typhus epidemic which came with the "coffin ships" from Ireland. Much of yesterday's walking tour discussed the plight of the Irish who arrived and the fever sheds where the many sick were housed. This building was built for the French order of nuns: Bon Pasteur. Part of this complex houses the Chapelle-Historique-du-Bon-Pasteur which was renovated in 1987 and now serves as a small concert hall.

Today's concert featured fortepiano and winds playing a Mozart quintet followed by one by Beethoven. The instruments (oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon) were all reproductions of historical instruments (other than the horn which dated from 1810)- the instruments Mozart and Beethoven would have heard their music played on. Music from the past played on instruments of the past in a building built just twenty years after Beethoven died.

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