Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Newly Blooming Orchid

New Orchid Bloom

I know I've written about, photographed, featured my orchids frequently on this blog. But the pressure of coming up with a photo a day sends me back to some of my favourite themes. I know the pressure is self-imposed. Nothing will happen if a day passes and there are no photos, but as my children will attest to, I am a stubborn person and I like to meet the goals I set for myself. So here are my orchids, again.

More to Come

While I am semi-retired, I still work part time - organizing web events and giving workshops for and with teachers. I know that one time workshops accomplish little in the short run, but I justify what I do by comparing it to planting seeds. You have to be patient (just as I am with my orchids). You just never know when seeds take root, when ideas germinate, when flowers bloom, when teachers may incorporate ideas that were introduced in a workshop and make them their own. I usually don't know if my efforts have had any effect, but occasionally someone will let me know and then I feel I have been given a gift - a virtual flower. These orchids remind me that patience has its rewards but that it is always worth pushing forward for those unexpected moments of incredible beauty.

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  1. I never tire of your orchids, Susan. I have only one left and it is just green - no buds! I'll try to be patient. This one is a lovely bright color of yellow.