Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walk on a Chilly Day

Closed for Warmth

Photos: April 4, 2016

The flowers that were opened to the sun are huddling together, preserving warmth. A polar vortex has swept in - a brief return to wintry temperatures. Back to hats and gloves and scarves as a cold wind makes the air feel even colder.

Large Burl

I couldn't help but think this tree was smiling at me - glad to have someone to share the enjoyment of his outdoors life. Soon the daytime highs will once again be above freezing. The flowers will soon open again and be joined but the succession of spring blooms.


  1. They really know spring has come. So sweet!

  2. As we returned from our short trip yesterday, it began to snow and blow again - we now have 7" of fresh. However, warmer temps above freezing are in the forecast. I am huddling just like those crocus!