Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More of the North

Stained Glass in the School in Waswanipi

Photos: March 21, 2016

I just loved this stained glass mural in the Waswanipi elementary school. The sun was streaming in. Part of the school curriculum is given in Cree. There is a strong attempt to instil Cree values in the children

Street Signs

You hear Cree speakers in the area and in Waswanipi itself, all street signs are in both Cree and English.

Power Lines from James Bay

After a day of giving workshops we headed back to the airport. Here is another glimpse of the many stretches of power lines cutting through the area.

On a Dash 8

Almost home. It was a long tiring day.


  1. So interesting that the Cree culture is taught to the children as part of their school curriculum. I like seeing the signs.

  2. Again, exciting! I feel like I am flying with you!
    Take a rest after You got home!