Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Work Trip

Air Creebec

I flew on this plane up to Chibougamau with a colleague. We had a gorgeous view the whole way - with this perfectly clear sky. The star is where we started and the area outlined in black is where we went.

This area is the southernmost reach of the Cree villages. We were on our way to give a workshop to the teachers in Waswanipi, a Cree town with a school run by the Cree School Board.

Frozen Lakes

We flew over many frozen lakes, surrounded by forest.


It was obvious where the forestry industry had been busy.

Boreal Forest

The area around Chibougamou, Chapais and Waswanipi has mainly black spruce. These are tall thin trees with relatively short branches.

Power Lines

This area is not far from the James Bay Power Project. Power lines criss-cross in many places carrying the electricity south.

Tall and Lean

It is still winter in this area. Night time temperatures still often drop to the -20s Celsius (below 0 F), though the daytime highs can reach just below freezing.


  1. Those tall, skinny trees remind me of our lodgepole pines. It looks like you went from the city into the wilderness!

  2. Sounds exciting!You flew in the blue sky.