Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter is Running Away

New Growth

Winter is running away, chased by the above average temperatures. Our winter that almost wasn't has left little snow to melt.

Walking on the Sky

It is now melting quickly leaving puddles. Near every drain you can hear the rush of water.


Newly uncovered gardens reveal shoots, ready to grow under the warmth of the sun.

Coffee in the Fresh Air

Outside cafes tables and chairs spring up. Although the air is still chilly, like bears out of hibernation, people come out to bask in the warming sunshine. The ice cream stores have re-opened after their winter hiatus. Spring trying to take over early this year.


  1. Unfortunately no snow at all here in Nara this year, but I remember how it is when snow thaws. A bit of mess with mud, but rustling sound of a stream is comfortable to hear. I like your photo of the reflection in the puddle.


  2. Ours, too, though we have more snow on the ground. There has been a lot of melt already. This week a couple small storms are in the forecast. (At first I thought the top photo was a leg of an animal!)