Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate

I have to admit to an addiction - dark chocolate. My spouse shares this "problem" with me. While I don't eat it in large quantities, I do eat it almost every day. We try to buy only fair trade chocolate. While chocolate is my "guilty pleasure," I don't want to feel guilty about abuse of others while I indulge. You can read about the dark side of chocolate here.

80% dark chocolate is our chocolate of choice, but we often begin our evening treat with a couple of squares of flavoured chocolate. We recently tried maple (too subtle - maple deserves to be more dominant) and  cinnamon (not bad at all). Mint is frequently in our repertoire with raspberry and ginger as other favourites. I love to let the chocolate melt in my mouth - slow eating, time to savour.

We never eat chocolate too close to bedtime, not because of the caffeine content, but because we would have to brush our teeth too close to eating the chocolate, thus washing out the last remnants of this ambrosia far too quickly!


  1. I also like chocolate very much.Thank you for the link. It is sad information. I like sweets but do not eat it so often. However, I have been comfortably allowing me to eat chocolate, just some bite-sized chocolate a day. Cacao helps human brain become active and also lower cholesterol,I have heard. My chocolate is produced by Meiji chocolate company. The company support refugee children by donating a part of sales of chocolate through UNHCR. Now this information pleases me, at least.
    Have a good weekend,Susan.