Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Belated Happy Birthday to Telemann

Telemann Duets

My spouse and I play duets together. Telemann is one of our favourite composers to play - all his flute duets are well crafted and they provide equal challenges in both lines. I play the voice flute (a recorder in D - above) and my spouse plays the traverso, or baroque flute. It is made of wood and only has one key, unlike the modern flute. The books above represent only some of the sonatas we play by Telemann. And, though we tackle music by other composers as well, we always come back to Telemann.

Telemann's birthday was on March 14. He was an incredibly prolific composer and publisher. Many of his works were aimed at amateurs. The burgeoning middle class was the perfect target as they had the funds to buy music and instruments and the time in the evenings to play music together.


  1. How wonderful, Susan, that you share this passion for music.

  2. Oh, Telemann, I have not been listening to Telemann songs for years.I feel nostalgic now. How wonderful that you play together.