Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Marionettes in the Windows

Marionettes 2

There is a Marionette Festival taking place. Along with a variety of presentations there is a display of marionettes from the private collection of Micheline Legendre, the maker of these puppets. They are in window after window along two streets, mingling with the other items in the storefronts.

Marionettes 1

Hansel and Gretel seem ready to sample the wares in this pastry shop. It seems to be much more welcoming than the witch's cottage. Groups of children from local daycares were walking down the street, holding on to the walking rope, looking like  giant undulating snakes. They paused at each window and admired the many varied puppets.

Marionettes 5

On one side of the street, the reflections made it harder to see inside. It's odd how the ghostlike images hover over the reflections - the reality less real than the mirrored images.

Marionettes 4

All these sumptuously dressed characters were protected from the elements. My hands, clutching my phone, started to freeze in the damp wind. I needed to get somewhere warm. Thank you  Micheline Legendre for sharing your works of art!

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  1. I cannot imagine the skill and artistry it takes to make these marionettes. The facial expressions and costumes are wonderful.