Saturday, March 12, 2016



Yesterday was my turn to be spoiled. My spouse brought home a lovely bouquet of tulips. They brighten up the room - bringing thoughts of spring indoors.


In March I always start to need more colour indoors. I have flowers all year round (my orchids and cyclamen) but none with the vibrant colours of spring flowers. My primula has picked up with its bright yellow flowers. Now I have bright orange to add to the sunny feeling.


I am always fascinated by the interior of flowers - the many ways they have adapted to attract pollinators.

Outdoors there have been spring-like temperatures. I love the times when seasons change - the first snow of winter, the first days of shedding heavy coats and venturing out in shoes in spring, the days the leaves begin to appear later in spring and  then begin to change colour in autumn. My indoor tulips are giving me a glimpse of what is to come.


  1. Susan - Bob brought me tulips, too! I think we're lucky.

  2. Hi,Susan.
    I like to see your tulips really colored inside your room!
    Have a good new week!