Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Concert Another Church

Église de la Visitation

This is probably the oldest church in Montreal - there are others that may have been built earlier, but they suffered fires and were rebuilt. I wrote about it once before. Concerts bring me to many churches. The concert this time featured Suzie LeBlanc, Eleanor Frey and Esteban La Rotta who played and sang music from a manuscript Eleanor found in Como, Italy.


The concert was truly beautiful - interesting music, some heard nowhere else. There will be a recording made.

Organ in Église de la Visitation

This church organ, installed in 1990s was made by Helmutt Wolff. It replaced the original organ which dated from the 1800s, but retains many of the characteristics of the previous organ.

Stained Glass

Being in a church in the daytime lets one appreciate the stained glass windows and the play of the light on the walls.


All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon - full sunshine outdoors, beautiful music and a lovely venue to hear it in.


  1. You were in Heaven! I love the stained glass photo.

  2. I can imagine.The church new organ is as beautiful as the original one.