Friday, January 15, 2016

Whimsical Seesaws


In the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal there is this delightful installation - a series of seesaws. As you balance up and down, the light illuminates on the downward side and a tone is emitted. Tones change depending on the height reached.


And UP



It was great fun to watch the action of people of all ages.

Down at My End

But that was nothing compared to joy of playing on them. My inner child popped out along with gales of laughter. It was nothing like the dreaded days as a child when someone would inevitably try to make you drop rapidly to the ground resulting in a most uncomfortable landing. On this seesaw I felt like I was floating. The accompanying tones added to the delight. It was easy to forget about the winter cold and play!

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  1. Oh, how fun - you look like you are enjoying the ride, Susan! So unique to have hte seesaws in the winter with snow on the ground!