Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Many Coats of Winter

Winter Attire

Living in a cold climate has its complexities. One coat is never enough for winter. These belong to just two people and on certain days, there may even be others used. For the colder days and long walks, the green coat (Kanuk good to  -30°C) is perfect. It is longer and quite cozy and the hood stays in place without covering my eyes. The red coat is my spouse's equivalent.

When out in the car, the purple one is great. It is not as heavy and is shorter. It is also my choice for snowshoeing - with waterproof pants. My spouse wears the ski jacket.

For those rare occasions when I feel like being elegant, the black, cloth coat is the choice. It is not as warm and, as I wear it rarely, it will last for decades (it is already well over 10 years old). My spouse uses the beige coat as he can fit a sports jacket underneath.

Winter can be expensive, with garments for every kind of weather, but it is all about dressing for the weather, not style, so these coats are worn year after year.


  1. I won't even show you my closet full of coats! But as you say, I wear them year after year.