Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Boggle and Chocolate

Boggle and Chocolate

We love playing Boggle - but by our rules. We don't use a timer and we play in two languages - English and French. We often try to get creative with language and the dictionaries are there to back us up - or not. My spouse worked in French and reads French newspapers daily; I read a lot of books. As a result we each have a very different store of vocabulary. My French vocabulary has expanded since playing as has my spouse's English vocabulary.

Games are interspersed with squares of dark chocolate - sometimes 80%, sometimes with mint and sometimes with ginger. I can't supply the chocolate - but I can offer you a chance to play.

Your Turn to Play

Now it is your turn to find some words. Only 4 letter words and longer are allowed in "Big Boggle". Have fun!

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