Monday, January 18, 2016

Read a Chapter and Get Hooked

Metro Library

Lire Vous is a clever way to get people hooked on books (mainly French books). These large signs are in a number of metro stations.

 You can download a chapter to read on your mobile device. Then if you like it, you can either find out which library has it (both ebook and print versions) or you can buy it - ePub or print version.

I see more and more people reading on the metro with phones and eReaders. As someone who has never been good with reading while in motion, I just people watch - is that another form of reading?

1 comment:

  1. People-watching is definitely a form of reading! I could never read a print book in a moving vehicle, but I'm able to read on my Kindle. I have no idea why I don't get motion sick. Maybe because I make the print larger than a normal book or because I'm not manually flipping pages? I have no idea, but on long trips, I'm elated to be able to read.