Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year


Winter has arrived. A storm last Tuesday dumped 40 cm  ( a little more than 15 " ) of snow on the city. Even on a cloudy day, everything seems brighter with the snow. With the temperature hovering just below 0°C (32F) it is delightful to go out and enjoy it.


We finally took out our snowshoes and tramped around the woods in Summit Park.
While I have more modern aluminum snowshoes, my spouse prefers a traditional pair, complete with deerskin moccasins. There was plenty of snow - soft, fluffy - perfect for snowshoeing.

Into the Woods

We are so fortunate to have this park - nothing but woods with paths through it - to enjoy in the middle of the city.

My EdTech friend Alannah has challenged me to try another 365 photos this year. I can't promise to post daily, but I will be trying to post more frequently - even if it is just the photograph!


  1. That first photo of the snow on the seedheads reminds me of a fuzzy caterpillar! I love the look of the traditional snowshoes. We have several aluminum framed ones, all from the early 90's and going strong. All of ours have neoprene booties to cover the shoe, so I often just wear running shoes. I could never manage to post daily, but I wish you luck! Happy 2016, Susan.