Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Pink Orchid

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows that I love orchids. There are many reasons for this. Of course their beauty comes up as number one. The complexity of the blossom pulls me in; I love these veins and the intricate centre. I feel almost meditative as I focus on each bloom.

Orchids have a connection to me to my late aunt. She always had orchids in her home. She taught me that when the orchids finished blooming, she would just put them near a window behind some furniture. Eventually they would bloom again.

Dark Pink Orchid

It's impossible not to like a plant that keeps giving. Both these orchids are re-blooms. I have 3 others that are flowering at the moment and others at their dormant stage. The one just above has been a real surprise. It sent up two branches well over six months ago and had about 16 blooms. As they started to fade it produced more buds at the end of each stalk. As the first flowers were falling off, another five opened. Now it has done the same thing again with more flowers appearing.

While once I thought orchids were difficult to grow, now I they flourish through my benign neglect. They have at times been over-watered and under-watered; I do not keep a schedule. They flourish despite differing amounts of light as long summer days turn into short winter ones. My only problem - I have too many and no space for more. I hesitate to throw any out, yet my eyes always linger on orchid displays in stores.... just one more?


  1. You are the orchid whisperer! I only have one left and beyond its initial blooming, nada. It does have those fuzzy shoots hanging out of the ground. Plus, the leaves are healthy. Just no blooms. Do you feed yours a special food occasionally?

  2. Your orchids are so lovely, Susan. I love orchids for their graceful figure and long-lasting blooms, but my orchids never bloomed repeatedly. Recently I heard that different species of orchid need different treatment. You seem to have a green thumb special to orchids.