Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Looking Down

From the 25th Floor

After a day of sitting in a conference, I went up to a colleague's room on the 25th floor of the Chateau Champlain Hotel. This was the view. The building with the dome is the Cath├ędral Reine-Marie-du-Monde - the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Montreal. Behind it is the Sun Life Building (I've written about it before). To the right, the tall building in the shape of a cruciform is Place Ville Marie, another landmark that has been featured on this blog.

In the Distance

In the other direction we could see Habitat 67 (the building that looks like it was made with separate blocks near the river) and the nearby mountains. Fun to see the city from this vantage point.


  1. I like this cityscape from up high! It looks like it was windy - those flags atop the building are really flying.

  2. I enjoyed looking down Montreal city. My eyes are drowned to the green dome. How charming the building is!Those flags seen in the distance are fluttering. The photo conveys that it is cold and windy. I am waiting for the day I can see a view of falling snow here.