Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Odd Winter

Bright Blue Sky

It's been an odd winter, much warmer than usual. As you can see bits of grass have been uncovered by a mild day with rain. While our neighbours to the south deal with massive snowfall, here our winter sports equipment languishes for lack of enough snow. I love the sunny days (though there are many cloudy days forecast with light snow followed by more rain)  - crisp and bright. As I walk I see many smiles.


  1. Sunny here today, too - Bob is skiing. I'm trying to walk around the house to exercise my leg! Those trees are enormous - I wonder how old - good contrast with the lady walking.

  2. Suddenly the temperature went down here last week. A record snow fell in many places in Japan but I have not had snow here, it is because I think our place is a quite large basin. Nara basin.