Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another Day Out Snowshoeing

Long Shadows

Even early in the afternoon there are long shadows. My legs look like a pair of tree trunks!

Through the Trees

Winter opens new horizons. As we snowshoed on the summit in Westmount we could look down on the city right to the river. No curtain of leaves to obstruct the view.

Snow Lining

The snow outlines the branches, bringing the natural sculpture to one's attention. With temperatures just below freezing, it was a perfect day to be out.


  1. I love the blue light that snow shadows make.

  2. Happy New Year,Susan.
    I see you have such long legs! Yes, the snow outline makes a work of art.

  3. Beautiful.... it seems so long since we had snow, about a year and that wasn't anything to talk about.