Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 112: Spring Forth

Day 112: Spring Forth, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Two days of rain have really greened up the city. The grass has taken on its verdant hue. Bushes show signs of leaves. Each day brings new discoveries. My tulips seem to grow before my eyes. In Montreal, spring, once primed, goes into fast forward.

Now I watch the squirrels carefully. So often, just as these tulips are about to open, I find headless stems and petals scattered around. Moth balls in the garden, cayenne pepper, I've tried it all to no avail. It makes each tulip that manages to open, despite the squirrels' midnight raids, that much more precious.


  1. The squirrels are nibbling your bulbs? Do you have oak trees and acorns near you? They love acorns best.

  2. We are about to get some rain today and tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing more green and less brown!

    I hope your tulips fight off all the squirrels long enough and we get to see them in bloom too :)

  3. Those *#^@&#@** squirrels - I can't imagine why they would find them so tasty, but am not surprised as they seem to get into most anything! The photo is stunning - you can almost 'wish' that bud to open! :)