Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 107: Pierre de Calvet House

Day 107: In Old Montreal, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Here is one of the older buildings in Old Montreal, built in 1725. Most of it is now part of an inn. You can find out more about it here.

Each year in June the Montreal Baroque Festival takes place. The director Susie Napper is ingenious at both programming and finding unique spots for concerts. One year I went to a concert in the attic of this house. We were told that the attic had not been used for years. Susie, herself, helped sweep and clean in order for it to be ready for the concert.

The steps leading up to the attic were narrow and dark. You climbed more by sense than by sight. One of the performers, Matthew Wadsworth, a wonderful lute player is blind. I think he had an advantage on the stairs. We sat, transfixed, in this secret spot, listening to music of the Renaissance and the Middle East. A magical moment.


  1. What a beautiful building! Canada has preserved so many of its lovely old historic buildings. A while back, I lived in a renovated farm house, built in 1857...and that was considered VERY OLD in my northern Illinois town!

  2. I love the old stone buildings in Montreal and Quebec. I have to admit that I have a different view of "old" since my visit to Europe.

  3. Wow I'll bet that was fantastic. What a building! Almost 2 centuries old now!

  4. Gorgeous! I was born in Montreal and it is so nice to see pictures of my birthplace. :)