Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 91: CBC delivers

Day 91: CBC delivers, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Leonard Cohen is a favourite of mine and although I watch little television, I made a point of watching tonight's show. Cohen did not disappoint. CBC is our public broadcaster and as such is where made in Canada culture is featured.

Our current government is doing all it can to dismantle the CBC. What a mistake! Sometimes the bottom line just can't be what it is about. If all media is owned by the private sector, the groups with money get to control what all hear as the news. Fortunately, with the Internet, we have other choices, but as a small country (with a lot of land) it is important to have a national network so we can learn about and understand the regional differences, needs and issues. It is part of what fosters our national identity. I love to listen to radio and have always found CBC informative. However, with a series of budget cuts, much of what I have prized has slowly evaporated.

What a treat to have an hour with Leonard Cohen. We need to ensure that Canadian artists of the future will also have the opportunity to be featured on a national network.

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