Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 100: What are they thinking?

Day 100: What are they thinking?, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Walking through Montreal, I came across these characters who stare down at all who pass. They are visitors from the past. I wonder who they represent; what is their message.

Montreal has a mix of architecture, with a very few buildings surviving from the 18th century to modern. streamlined structures. I ate dinner at a restaurant facing one of the faceless structures - rows of flat windows which seemed opaque, surrounded by concrete. There was nothing decorative on the structure. I do like clean lines - the simplicity of Danish teak - but the wood itself emanates warmth. Many buildings of the 70s simply are function, with no feeling.

Walking lets me notice all the details from a time when craftmanship was respected and form was considered as important as function.

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  1. These are very interesting faces to put on a bank. Not sure how trustworthy they appear...