Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 115: Get ready for gardening

IMG_3339, originally uploaded by susanvg.

It's that time of year when you don't know what season it is. Saturday's high 28C (82F). Plants start to grow at an alarming rate. A thunderstorm brought the temperature down to about 5C (41F) overnight. Then today, a more seasonable high of 15C (59F). It's yoyo season temperature-wise. Tomorrow a high of 30C (86F) and by early Tuesday morning it should have dropped to -1C (30F). What are these plants going to do? ungrow? The plants that are susceptible to the cold are kept in protected areas like this temporary structure until gardening season starts in earnest (usually around May 20) when chances of frost are minimal.

But I, like the plants, am having a hard time adapting to the sudden summer-like temperatures. I wilt and lose energy. Each day is a challenge of what to wear with layers being the only answer. You need to have your entire wardrobe ready from gloves and hats to shorts and t-shirts - and all can be worn in one day!


  1. I was going to re-arrange my closet today, to fully move into spring. I agree with you - you need quick access to the whole wardrobe, so that task will remain on my to-do list for a while yet. I noticed yesterday that the garden centre has opened in Loblaw's parking lot. For now, I'll just browse.

  2. Great commentary on this 'wishy washy' time of year! I'd love to see a plant try to 'ungrow'! :)