Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 101: 200 steps

Day 101: 200 steps, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A gorgeous day for a walk. We went to Mount Royal Park, our gem in the centre of the city. Each season has special features. Today the smell of the decaying leaves was evident - a fresh spring aroma. There were signs of the awakening vegetation, bits of green poking out and flower buds on a number of trees.

Walkers, cyclists, babies in strollers, people with dogs, older people - all were out enjoying being out of the city while still in it. Many languages could be heard as we walked. As a challenge, we tackled the Trafalgar staircase, about 200 steps. In the photo you may notice most of the people are walking down. The walk up is spectacular as the view extends as you get higher. This time of year you can see through the trees to downtown, to the river, to the mountains in the distance. Soon the leaves will veil the view, enclosing walkers into the forest.


  1. I find this picture & post quite interesting. It could be a metaphor for Life!

  2. I've been on those stairs. It was the early 70s and I was 12 or 13 or so. We had gone on a school trip to Montreal. A friend and I climbed up and down the mountain. When we got back to the top, the school bus had departed, leaving us behind. We very calmly walked to the nearby RCMP office (where they had horses for the musical ride) and reported our problem. They stopped the bus in Pointe Claire and we took a taxi. The next day, they tried to make us pay for the taxi - $27 each, a huge sum for me at the time. It was the height of unfairness, since we had returned on time and the bus had departed early, and they had not even noticed that we were missing. I refused to pay, and made it stick. So, I'll always remember that forest, and those stairs.

  3. Looks like a wonderful experience for the mind and the body!