Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 99: Eleven for Dinner

Day 99: Eleven for Dinner, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Holidays bring family together. Tonight we were eleven for dinner. Along with the immediate family there was my nephew who came in from Ottawa just for the evening. My wonderful 91 year old cousin was here. Our grandmother had been married twice. Her mother was the oldest from the first marriage; my mother was from the second marriage. She and my mother were only four years apart. Although our ages are quite different, our relationship is very close. She tells wonderful stories and brings a sense of history to the table. She is a connection to my mother long ago in Russia. Her son and friend joined us from Boston. Another cousin was here - we are distant in terms of the way we are related, but close in terms of our feelings. It is not blood or close family ties that makes a family. Both our mothers came over "on the boat" together. We share history, travels, and many life events.

The family shrinks and grows. While at this time and always, we miss those who are gone, our family is enriched by those who now share our holiday meals - those new relations and relationships that are now family. The warmth we share, the caring for each others' lives, the shared laughter and tears - that is what makes family!

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  1. So nice to have such a big family gathering...enjoy!