Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 108: Window Shopping

Day 108: Window Shopping, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The bakery bills itself as artisinal. They make many specialty breads, some with ancient grains like spelt and kamut. Pans of desserts sit in the window to entice people in and away from the more impersonal supermarket reflected in the window. Speed shopping - that is what we often do - everything in one place. I love to patronize the smaller specialty stores, the bakeries, fruit stores, fish stores - but the realities of life often make me opt for expediency. Today was a slower shopping day.


  1. Oh MAN that looks delicious!! What a lovely display!

  2. Slow shopping is therapy, it's bliss. Pity we can't all have one day a week to ourselves to indulge.

  3. I love artisan's bread - wish we had an area of these kinds of shops! It is difficult to partake on a regular basis when they are located in different spots all over town - guess that's why the one-stop shops are so popular!